About Us

Karahan Textile Apparel Industry Trade Limited Company is a family company established in 1988. Our company which has been a leader in the sector is serving with women's clothing production since its establishment. Our company, which continues its production with its expert employees in their field, is serving in the sector with its production facility which has a closed area of 2500 square meter. It follows the developments closely with its visionary structure and at the same time, it is progressing in the way of development and change in women's clothing.
Our goal is not to follow but to be followed. .


Our Mission

• As Rukim Textile, we owe our position in the Turkish Textile Sector to working hard and to being conscious of our duty that we provide excellent service to our customers. This position gives us the necessary desire and self-confidence to achieve our goals and to acquire new goals. While realizing all of our goals we aim to;
• Manufacture high quality textile products in order to improve the quality of life of our society and to contribute to the development of the textile industry,
• Educate textile professionals who devote themselves to their profession, who are superior, who value human beings, who will work in ambition and determination by taking the textile industry further than its present form,
• Contribute to the economic, cultural, social and technological development of our region, our country and our world by contributing to the economy of the region and the country with production and employment,
•Ensure perfect customer satisfaction in every situation for every job we do,
• Offer our services in the best way to our customers unconditionally.
Rukim collection serves you with customer satisfaction and sense of quality.

Our Vision

Rukim Textile's visions are;

• To be an international-standard textile company that is the most reliable and produces the highest quality in the Turkish and World textile industry,
• To be a world brand that increases the competitiveness of our country at international level, reaches the power to determine world standards in production, is compatible with technology, and respects human and nature,
• Rukim Textile's vision is to be one of the contemporary institutions that is referred to in its field and to create a model in its sector with its high quality team, its infrastructure and leading applications in our era. .